Sometimes Asked Questions
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Why is there no Save command?

In fact there is, buit this is only available in Single User mode. 

ControlDraw 2 is a database, and changes you make are immediately made in the database. There is no Save as facility.

If you want to copy a file to another name then use the File Copy  command from the file manager.

You can also open a file Read Only if you want to just look at it without making any changes or changing the file date.

Does ControlDraw support UML?

UML stands for Unified Modelling Language, and is a standard that is being developed with the support of many Software design oriented groups . ControlDraw is investigating this. It would appear that UML is aimed at similar targets to ControlDraw, although more generally. ControlDraw is mostly aimed at control engineering in the process industries. This appears to be an area that is not very significant in the development of UML, although it must be said that UML is used in S88 part 2 and S95. ControlDraw has been developed without any pre-conceived ideas, or standards committees, so like an untrained musician it is possible that this is an advantage. Comments please.

How does ControlDraw work with other Windows Programs

The Model itself is an Access database.

You can import and export pictures and data view the Windows Clipboard

When I change a field type in a Class Data Table will I lose the existing data?

It depends on the old and new field type. ControlDraw will try to coerce the old data into the new field type.

But for example if you change a Single to a Boolean, all non zero values become true and all zero values bcome false.

When I change a field Name in a Class Data Table will I lose the existing data?