Symbol Controls
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When a symbol is clicked an the Object Controls are On. See also Symbol Details

You have complete control over the position of  text that is associated with each object.

If you just select one of the nine standard positions then ControlDraw will work out the positions

You can select text positioning mode from the diagram mode tolbar and then drag and drop the text to anywhere you like.

It is generally not recommended to have objects that have no tagname but do have user text. The only time this should be used is for notes, when the text is inside the symbol.

Notes on Text sizing

The Size to content on the Object Control panel works as follows

If there is a picture in the object then the object is sized to the picture

If the tag and text are inside the object then the object is sized for the tagname and the user text.

If the text is user positioned the button has no effect

There is an option in Tools Utilities to control the text sizing - "Text Height Correction" and "Text Width Correction". These values (in  twips) are the amount by which to increase the size of text boxes beyond that needed on the screen to account for scaling differences with printers that could cause some of the text to be hidden. If you find that parts of text are missing then increase the values.

See also Tag Balloons 

See also Text edit keys