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Symbol are objects which are connected to each other by Signals.

A Symbol represents an Action, an Event, a State, a Physical item or a Processing function - or your own idea.

Symbols have a number of properties:

Those which identify the symbol


Object tags

User text

Those which affect their Appearance:



Size and Position

Text settings - format

Those which affect their position in Models

Link page

Link Type


Control Draw includes a large set of standard symbols. These can be dragged from the symbols palette onto a diagram and of course copied and pasted.

When a new symbol is added to a diagram the symbol gets the values for the following attributes from the palette:


Fill colours

Text style

Text alignment

Border style



Then you may alter the.position, the size and all attributes of the symbol using the Symbol Controls

The Symbol details form provides a view of an object and it's connections.

The Symbol Dynamics form allows you to enter and test the object expression, and to set the dynamic appearance of a symbol.

Multi selection

You can select several symbols by clicking them with the mouse by clicking them whilst simultaneously holding down the the shift or control key.

Then you can change any or all of the properties of the selected objects or connections with a few mouse click

See also Special Symbols