Tag Naming
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Each object in the system is identified by a collection of tagnames.

All tagnames are optional. The more you use them the more powerfull the model and the more structure you need.

These are

The Symbol Tag

This is the tagname as it appears for each symbol on a diagram. t

Note that some text positioning allows for splitting the tag name as is often seen on P&I Diagrams

The Instance Tag

Instance tagname provide a means of identifying each instance of the objects in a model

An S88 oriented structure might be

Area.Unit.Equipment Module.Control Module.

See also RealTags

The Object Tag

See Object Tags

Symbol Tags do not have to be unique even on one diagram, but if they generate data then a unique name is.

Object Tag have to be unique, Globally, so one object tag can only exist in one Class.

See also Tagging and Numbering