Tagging Scripts
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With Tagging Scripts you can build a Calculated tag based on the parts of the full Heirarchical Tagname

The script is a Visual Basic so you can use complex expressions, using Program Logic such as Case Statements, string functions etc

Tagging Scripts can apply to the RealTag and the External Tag when the Tagging Script rule is selected in Custom Tagging.

Tagging Scripts return the CalcTag in the script

You can refer to the parts of each level of the full Heirarchical Tagname

FirstTag - the Top level tag

LastTag - the bottom level tag

RootTag - the lowest level tag part whose class is a number root

RootPrefix - The letters before any number in the RootTag 

RootNum - The number in the RootTag

TagPart# TagPrefix#  TagNum#  work similarly where # is the level in the heirarchy with 0 at the lowest level.

Similarly you can use the captions and classes of the object hierarchy

You can also get the name of the parent Instance Real or External tags using ParentRealTag and ParentExtTag 

There is also a calculation editor that shows when you click the button in Custom Tagging.

This provides drag and drop for tag parts and a small collection of function - but you can use any VBS code.

Tagging Scripts can  include the current value so you can leave existing values unchanged using

IF CurrentTagValue ="" THEN

'code for new entries


CalcTag  = CurrentTagValue