Test Sheets
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Test Sheets can be printed for each diagram in the model.

You decide, by configuring the classes in Database Table Views whether a class of digram has a test sheet.

In the Classes view - IncludeInTest, when set the reviewer can print a testsheet for pages with the class.

Class Data Designer, fields checkbox TS. When set then the test sheet will include the relevant field in the table of objects of the class on the Page test sheet.There is alo a field type Test Sheet only, when set the field is printed on the test sheet but does not add a field to the class tables. For example for signature fields

If you create a test only class field for an object whose class is not included in the tables - or if you have not yet built the tables, the test sheet is built from the diagram only, rather than the instance data.

So if you want, for example, an EM test sheet to list the states then you can do this by just adding a test sheet only field to the State class - even though you do not include the states in the tables.

If there is data for the instance of the class then the data is derived from the tables.

The test sheet table is named "Class name Page objects" if there is no instance data for the class, or "Class name Instances" if there are instances

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