The File Manager
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You can use the File manager to view information about models, import from other models, carry out updates, repair and compact the model.

You can change folders by double clicking the folder list or clicking the folder name button.

The File Manager remembers the last path you selected in the file manager and restores it when started again.

If the model is from and older version, or is read only this is indicated

When you click a model in the list of model files the list of pages and matrices are listed, and you can also see if the model is open and if it needs updating.

When a Diagram is Referenced it is indented in the list.

View Model opens the model in the Reviewer.

When you select a page it is previewed -  you can click on the diagram preview and it will expand while you hold down the mouse button, making it easier to see the diagram.

Use Shift click to see the entire diagram.

With the copy button above the diagram,or a right click you can copy the diagram to the windows clipboard.

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