The History view
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The Version History form provides a view on the history of changes and easy access to the Publish function and the Compare form.

There are two tabs, Issue History shows the minor and major issues

Issue History

Each Control Draw file has an overall version number. This is automatically incremented each time the file is opened for editing, then changed then closed. Note - this means that if you open and close a file several times during an editing session, the version will increment several times.

Issue Number

A ControlDraw file has an Issue number, having two parts, Major and Minor.

The Major Issue is a number and Minor Issue is a letter, so a model has an Issue like 2C.

When you select Minor issue the numeric part is incremented.

When you select Major issue the Letter  is incremented. and the numeric part is reset to 1

Each Issue or Backup is recorded in the model history.

If a previously archived model still exists you can Compare it with the current

You can use Reset Version Data to set the version of all the diagrams, pages and matrices in a model back to Zero

The Version History tab shows all the records in the history and you can select items that should be stored  

You can choose to include:

Database Builds

Database Populated

Link Re-Assignments

Page Imports

Page Order Changes

Pages Added

Pages Deleted