The Outline form
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Each page in the model is shown with it's descendant pages indented.

You can click on the + and - icons to expand or collapse a level. 

Icons for the objects on each page are shown provided Include Objects is checked.

you can double click on to go straight to the object details page.

When Include repeated pages is checked all pages are searched down the hierarchy. Otherwise a page is enumerated only the first time it is encountered and subsequent instances are shown with a * prefix.

Include jumps makes the view also include pages that have Jump links

Clicking on a page name will open that page. This form remains open so you can hop between diagrams

Keyboard actions:

+ Expand all

- Collapse All

Number - expand to level, for example 1 - Expand First Level, 2 - Expand Second Level etc

Escape - close the outline view

If Parents is checked the form shows the Parent diagrams 

Outline Numbering

It is possible to produce Outline numbers, based on the hierarchy.

Page 1 = 1

First Child page = 1.1

First Child of a Child Page = 1.1.1

You can also use this to set the diagram order, after you run Outline numbering you are prompted how to do this.

Site Map

This generates an XLM Site Map (suitable for an ASP web) to the clipboard