Tools Utilities
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Note - These user setting are retained for each users, they are not saved with models

Program Settings

Run Multi User

Set this option if you want to share access to ControlDraw models with other users, run multiple sessions or open in the reviewer at the same time as ControlDraw. Deselect it to open models exclusively shutting out other users

Logout if idle

Close the model if no activity after the time. Recommended even for one user to keep time spent counts accurate.

Prompt User Changes

Set this option if you want to see when other users log in and out

Check Model Structure on Opening

ControlDraw carries out checks on the integrity of a model when opening or selecting in the File manager. Specifically it now checks that all the table fields, queries and relationships in the model are up to date with the latest structure. This can be switched off by deselecting it.

Compact Last model on Exit        

When closing ControlDraw the last open model is compacted

Prompt before Compact

Ask before compacting

Backup Last model on Exit

When closing ControlDraw the last open model is backed up


Name to use for diagram titles the diagrams as pages as Page or Figure or whatever

"Text Height Correction" and "Text Width Correction". These values (in  twips) are the amount by which to increase the size of text boxes beyond that needed on the screen to account for scaling differences with printers that could cause some of the text to be hidden. If you find that parts of text are missing then increase the values.

Remember Show Captions

Diagrams remember the settings of Show Captions, Classes, Object Tags.

When this is set they restore this when a diagram is opened.

Enable Internal Browser for XML and HTM  Links.

When set double clicking objects with a web or file name in the first line of the text will open the Internal Web Browser.

Show in Diagram Caption

Review status and Class - Default is off, switch on to show the review status and/or class after the diagram name in the diagram window

Highlight split connections under the mouse

When set (default) if you have connections that are split a red line shows the connections when the mouse is over a split end

Show hidden text with mouse move"

When moving the mouse over a symbol that has hidden text then the text is shown under the symbol in grey.

Always add new diagrams at the end.

Keeps the existing diagram order.

Use User Text rather than tagnames for new child diagrams.

When set, When creating a diagram as a new child page the tagname will be taken from the symbol text rather than the symbol Tagname.

Tagname will be used if the User Text is blank

Additionally the User Text will always be used if the Tagname is blank

Remember Scroll and Zoom in Tools Utilities determines whether diagrams remember their last viewed state.

Drawing Mode and display

Print Button

Selects whether clicking the print button in the main toolbar runs the Reviewer, Prints the current diagram, or shows a sub menu.

Fold main toolbar

When set and the main window is too narrow the main toolbar is shown in rows, otherwise it is truncated

Drawing Mode Defaults sets the default drawing modes associated with the three mode buttons:

Click one of  the master mode buttons(the three on the left  and then set the appropriate Draw options buttons then click Save.

Move Diagram Down for vars panel

When set, when the variants or instances are shown the diagram is moved down to make space

Pages in view history

The maximum number in the recently viewed diagram list

When creating by dragging only create a note

These apply when the Allow Insert by Dragging as set in the Drawing model toolbar,

When this option is set it is always a note that is created.

When not set, the symbol created is the last one selected in the Palette.

After creating by dragging cancel drag mode

Most useful for adding occasional notes to a diagram.


Symbols Library The file containing the Palette

You should rarely if ever need to change this. However it may be relevant for workgroups sharing a library.

The Script Editor

You may change this to you favourite script editor. ControlDraw includes the Koan editor

The Picture Editor

You may change this to your favourite, ControlDraw initially uses the standard Windows Paint program.


You can choose to use another folder. note - this folder is used in ControlDraw and the Reviewer for logging purposes and in the Reviewer for a backup of the comments database.


Here you can set whether LDB Checking runs, see also MS LDBViewer.

Max User Query Rows (initial value = 120) and Max User Query Cols (initial value = 30)

These limit the size that user queries can be when shown on a diagram, if truncated the last row will say show how more there are.