Understanding the ControlDraw Database
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The database contains a large number of tables.

The most important table defines the Classes

Some define the diagrams;

*One table lists them, one record per page

*Another related table contains a record for each object on each diagram.

*Two more tables define the connections between object, one for the connection points another for the connection route and appearance

Some tables define general things

*The Fonts

*The Line Styles

Some tables are specific to the class of an object

#The Class Object Data tables

#The Class Instance Data tables

Data can be stored with each symbol and/or with the Object or Instance

The data associated with Object or Instance is stored in tables for the Object or Instance as shown below.

You can customise this part of the database to add any fields that you want using the Data Designer Form

See also Objects and Instances

You can also store data with each diagram object, see Symbol data

Some tables are related only to matrices

*The list of Matrices

@ The matrices themselves each use a table

The Model also has queries (which are automatically built by ControlDraw) for each class of object and Instance.

these are Named qryClassNNObjects and qryClassNNInstances where NN is the Class number.

@The fields in these tables are entirely created specifically in the model.

*The fields in these tables are permanently fixed by ControlDraw

#These tables can be customised

You can open it in Access if you want to. Do not update older models to a newer Microsoft Access version, let  ControlDraw do that, for Access97 (ControlDraw2) models