Updating Models
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When you first start a new model, the basic database structure is provided automatically by copying the master database - the cdStartdb3.mdb file.

To support ongoing impovements ControlDraw provides the means to update a model to the latest structure version. So a new release of ControlDraw sometimes has a new version of cdStartdb3.mdb

When opening a model that was built on an earlier version of the standard model,  CD prompts the user to ask if the model should be updated to the latest version.

ControlDraw prompts to ask if there is a backup and if you say no it makes a copy of the model  (named 'Backup of modelname') before the update is performed.

The update process scans and compares the structure of the master database and the model, and adds any missing items such as tables, fields, queries and relationships. It also adds any favourites that are in the master database.

These updates are recorded in the model history.

Some developments in  database structure cannot be updated this way and require a Complete Update.

Preventing Model Updates

You can prevent models from being updated either for a particular model or for all.

To prevent a model from updating Set "Prevent Automatic model updates" in the Project Details

To prevent a model from updating Set "Prevent Model updates" in the Login form

ControlDraw2 models

When opening a ControlDraw2 model for the first time in ControlDraw 3 you will be prompted

"This model Access 97, Do you want to prevent Automatic model updates?"

You can change this setting in >Project >Options

If you are working with a ControlDraw model 2 and you have to keep to version 2 then this stops the model from prompting to update each time you open it in CD3.