Using SQL with ControlDraw models
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You can manipulate CD models, and get data from them using SQL.

if you look at a CD model in Access you will find many queries already there. Most of these are essential  for CD to operate so do not change them.

You can however add your own, from ControlDraw or from Access.

You can add queries to the Favourites View in the Data View

You can show Queries on ControlDraw diagrams with UserQuery special objects

You can also use a Front End database.

To use a front end Access database it is necessary to link to the tables in the model.

For example to replicate a Class Instance view in Access

Look up the number for the class in the classes form in Access or the Data Views in ControlDraw

Link to the tables




tblClass##Instances where ## is the number

Import the Query qryClass##Instances