Version Controls
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A considerable range of version management and tracking options are provided automatically by ControlDraw

ControlDraw also provides a Publishing facility whereby you can raise the Issue of a model and then archive it for subsequent comparisons.

The Version History form provides a view on the history of changes and easy access to the Compare form.

Model Version

Each Control Draw file has an overall version number. This is automatically incremented each time the file is opened for editing, then changed then closed. Note - this means that if you open and close a file several times during an editing session, the version will increment several times.

Issue Number

A ControlDraw file has an Issue number, having two parts, Major and Minor.

The Major Issue is a number and Minor Issue is a letter, so a model has an Issue like 2C.

Issue is printed on all printouts.

Diagram and Object Version Numbers

ControlDraw keeps a Version number for each diagram. This is the version number of the model when the last change was made. It is incremented once each time a new user edits the model.

Control Draw keeps track of the users of  the system. When starting ControlDraw you are prompted to enter your name. This name is then stored with each diagram or object that you create or edit.

The same applies to individual symbols and database records

Comparing Models

ControlDraw provides a compare facility with which you can see all the differences between two models

Dates and Users

The model itself and each diagram and object remembers the date when it was last changed

The name of the user who first creates a diagram is stored.

The name of the user who last edited a diagram is also stored

The Print 'Changed after' function allows you to print only those Diagrams that have changed after a given date.