Words and Text
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ControlDraw provides many places where you can use words to describe and specify your model.

The Project Properties includes Tabs for the Overview Words and the Detailed Text.

This provides two documentation areas for the entire project. These can be printed when selected in the print options form.

These areas are stored in the ControlDraw model as  RTF text.

ControlDraw includes an RTF text editor - this is accessed from the File menu or the page text or project details forms.

Note - you cannot save all the formatting that full scale word processor can apply into an RTF compatible format, notably tables. However most table are better defined using matrices or queries so that is not a problem.

In addition each Page, Drawing Object, Generic Object and Matrix has a User text field where you can enter as much text as you like. The fonts for the object text are defined in the Font Styles form.

ControlDraw objects have text fields.

The Page Tagnames and the Object Tagnames are the most important

Tag naming schemes are very important to engineers, and Control Draw supports these in a number of ways.

You can give a 32 character Tag Name is given to each Symbol which appears on the normal page.  When you first drop an object on a page this is taken from the palette.

A 32 character ObjectTag name is also given to each symbol, you use this to define the generic attributes of the symbol.

Additionally, vast amounts of User Text can be entered for each symbol.

The text can be displayed as either the Tagname only or the Tagname plus a number of lines of the User Text.

The Toolbar or view menu give you control over how much text is displayed and  printed.

The Drawing Controls or Symbol Details let you position the text relative to each symbol, or you can drag and size the text independently of the Symbol location

The Text Control Panel  is where you can set the justifcation object text.

Finally a 128 character Instance tagname can be given to each instance of each object in your model. Suppose you have 3 identical process streams, and all are tagged differently. You can draw the stream once and then assign the equivalent tagnames to the parallel streams to the instance tags. If you have a suitable tag naming scheme ControlDraw can (in future) automatically derive these tagnames from the model and your tagging schemes logic.

Drawing Objects also have two Captions field.  These provides extra 32 Ch text properties for each object. It can be entered from the Data Views or the View text only forms. This could be used for example to define a Step message for each step in an SFC.