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S88 Links

See he 888 blog for musing on the S88 and related stndards
The ControlDwaw Blog privides Tips and more on using ControlDraw

1 ControlDraw Overview (PowerPoint)

Download a PowerPoint training presentation (a bit out of date)

2 ControlDraw, Modularisation,Standards And Re-Use (PowerPoint)
A short PowerPoint presentation of how ControlDraw helps you to handle these crucial issues.

3 Platform Independent Functional Specifications (PowerPoint)
 A Brief History of Specifications and System Life Cycles 
Benefits of System Independence

4 What goes wrong with batch process control system projects?
Real Batch Projects, and what can go wrong. Written many years ago but sadly still relevant!

5 Building Equipment Modules.
Even if you do not use ControlDraw you should  find it useful. The presentation presents a short  example of the construction of a simple Equipment module.

6 Managing Large Distributed projects (PowerPoint)
This paper describes the issues of large projects where there are several suppliers, and using ControlDraw can improve the process. Even if you do not use ControlDraw you may find it useful. A more detailed version is available as a PDF paper.

7 A Brief Guide to Building ControlDraw Models

8 Sample Documentation. (PDF)
An example of the documentation output that is possible using ControlDraw, including test sheets

9 Process Automation methodology (PDF)
Covers all aspects of the life cycle from requirements definition through
implementation to validation

10 Managing Large Fast track distributed projects (PDF)
For Engineer Procure and Construction projects who subcontract a number of packages.

11 Managing Design and Documentation on Automation Projects (PDF)
For Systems Integrators who need to provide excellent systems with excellent documentation on large projects

12 The Milkshake model (PDF)
Another example of the documentation output that is possible using ControlDraw also showing S88 analysis, variants and data reports.
The milkdshake plant was originally invented during an early S88 meeting

12 A short rolling demo of ControlDraw (PPT)
1.5 Mb download, old still valid but before many improvements

13 Functional Requirements Principles(PDF)
This document explains how to represent batch control in ControlDraw models.
It is fully referenced to the S88.01 standard.

14 Boiler Safety Controls
ControlDraw is not just for batch! This describes a shutdown system including a Cause and Effect matrix, Event Trees and dynamic Fault trees, integrated into the design for a boiler.
You can download either a PDF or if you have ControlDraw you can find the model in the Samples

15 Plants with ControlDraw automation designs
Take a look at some plants where the automation has been designed with ControlDraw!

16 Defining User and Functional Requirements for Process Manufacturing
A web site for people wanting to write URS and FDS's

17  Functional Specifications according to the ISA 5.6 documentation standard,
See the PDF version  or see the model in the ControlDraw Samples

S88 - Phases, Units and Equipment Modules

18 Here is an article (scanned PDF in Danish) about their use of ControlDraw

And here are example of ControlDraw models as Webs

EBF Working Group 3 Archive