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S88 Batch Control Papers and Links

Articles by ControlDraw Ltd

See also the S88 Control Blog

"Is a storage tank a Unit?" a short article that explains how a Storage tank can easily be handled by understanding that it does have  batch

 Exception handling  - a discussion about exception handling in an S88 framework.

 Making Recipes Simpler (PDF) - a WBF paper by Francis Lovering

Note - S88 is very flexible, but many practitioners seem to follow an approach focused on the Equipment Modules, with phases running in them. 
There is another equally valid one where phases run in the Unit.
ControlDraw can handle either approach, in fact it can have both in the same model. 
You can download a ControlDraw Model demonstrating this from the Download page. This model contains a Process Cell and two Units, based on many examples on the web. 
Here are the Typical EM based PDF  and the Unit Centric PDF exports. 

A Phase driving an Equipment module,
This movie shows a Phase that drives a chromatography Equipment Module.
(You can see this much better with the Dynamics.cnd sample model )

S88 Control Blog
Musings on the S88 standard and how it is used

A collection of papers by various expert authors, Some are PDF, some are web pages 

Purchase the Standard from the ISA
(The updated version, not as good as the original which you can't buy any longer) is a knowledge community for all who are interested in ISA-88. 

Writing a Functional Specification for a Batch Project
Define the requirements first, or you'll pay for it later! A PDF article by Emerson

Jim and Larry'

Jim and Larry's S88.01 Tutorial

And Jim and Larry worked on automation Ben And Jerry's
They used to have an excellent flash description of a batch plant but it's gone, here's one from another company

Vince Miller papers originally from the World Batch Forum
Things Go Better With S88

The original SAMA standard has gone!
Measurement, Control & Automation Association  PDF, Published 1981
But here's a copy

IEC1499 Function Blocks
University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany - see Tutorials

The available White Papers from the 2006 WBF North American Conference.
From ControlGlobal 

And one to make you think. OK, it's from a Web company but it rings bells
"Visual design first, programming second. The more traditional process is starting from the abstract (documentation, diagrams, charts, etc.), coding a skeleton app, and then homing in on the real by finishing it up with an interface. We think thats backwards."
Getting Real, Step 1: No Functional Spec
"Dont write a functional specifications document. Why? Well, theres nothing functional about a functional specifications document."
Of course that is not true with a ControlDraw FS.

And from another non S88 source - if you are having problem modelling something it may be a Wicked Requirement! 
Or you just don't know how to tame it. 
In such cases ControlDraw Consultants may well be able to help.